Monday, September 15, 2008

Six pints does not equal six beers.

So Katie and I are probably the most awkward people ever,
and we have had the most awkward couple of days.

Let's start off with our day trip to London.
On Saturday we planned to shop in London, find a hostel, go out, and then return to Swansea on Sunday. Well...Katie had a free train ticket so she took the train while the rest of us took the buses that were cheaper. Long story short, lost Katie, had no phones, couldn't find a hostel, etc. etc.
The good part of that day was the fact that we found a four story Top Shop and spent way too much money on ridiculously cute clothes. Oh well...
You win some, you lose some.

Now yesterday was the truly most awkward of awkward days.

Everyone had to be out of the building from 9-7 because they were checking everything out since all the students start arriving on Friday. Angela, the American student coordinator over here, arranged an all day field trip that left that morning so that we would all have something to do, but Katie, Will, and I opted to spend the day working on our papers instead.
So Katie and I decided to leave around twenty til nine to meet Will downstairs, and the second we get in the elevator to go down, the doors close and the power goes out. Alas! They had cut the power early so we were stuck in the elevator.
It was probably one of the scariest things that's ever happened to me because everyone on the elevator was freaking out, and we kept pressing the alarm button for someone to come help us.
Luckily, we hadn't moved from the 8th floor, so the two guys that were on the elevator with us were able to pry the door open after a while, and we got out.
Unfortunately, the people on the other elevator were not quite as lucky and were stuck in between floors.
It took calling the fire brigade and another hour to get the other people out.
Needless to say, Angela was livid that they cut the power early and failed to check and see that the elevators were empty.

After that drama, Katie, Will, and I found that the library was closed so we weren't able to do research, so we decided to go to a bookstore and see if we could at least get an idea of what to write our papers on. Another long story short: we were kicked out because you're not allowed to look through books unless you buy them, and the lady was really mad at us.

The day proceeded as follows:
-Katie and I decided to shop, and Will ran away from us. Literally ran away... We turned around for 8 seconds to ask where a bathroom was, and we turned around and saw his bandanna halfway out of the bus station.
-Katie and I were kicked out of a store in the mall for trying on hair extensions.
-Katie and I decide to hop on a random bus for a quick 10 min. adventure which turned into an hour and a half through the ghetto and hillsides of Swansea.

When we finally got back we decided that we seriously needed a bottle of wine, so we went to Tesco which is the 24 hour grocery store here...except they are not 24 hours on the weekend and were closed.

After feeling completely defeated and rejected by the world we retired to the campus pub
where we proceeded to drink ciders all night which apparently is the drink of choice for old fat blokes.
We just can't win.

As I write this now, it is 48 hours later because I suck at updating this, but last night we went out on the town
and had way too much fun. Just ask me about it...

One day I'll learn.

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