Friday, September 5, 2008

A rival for my heart.

So I am officially in Wales, and as I write this it is a little bit rainy,
and I'm looking out my window as the tide is rolling in.

I was sad to say good-byes, but my dad stayed home with me on his last day to eat pizza and watch Betman begins with me, and after that everything was a little easier.
I stayed in Nashville since my family couldn't take me to the airport, and then
Allie dropped me off in the morning.

I was really lucky with the journey and managed to get here with no delays.
My plane left from D.C. to London, and I ended up sitting next to an English professor from the Midlands, and he was extremely helpful at calming the nerves I had.
He waited for me after customs and helped me with my bus ticket to Wales, and on the plane
he gave me tidbits that were pretty useful and interesting.

By the time I was in London, jet lag had hit me hard, and I could hardly keep my eyes open at the bus station, so after three hours of waiting, I instantly fell asleep on the bus, missing the entire country side, and I didn't wake up until we were in Cardiff...and then I just went back to sleep again.

Then I finally arrived in Swansea and registered, and I was the second one here, so it was nice meeting people as they trickled in. There were two other guys here early in the day so we explored campus, went out to eat, and ended up watching a movie until I passed out.

But the travel itself isn't really the point of this...

I wish you could be here to see the town.
As the sun sets there's a mist that falls over the ocean and nothing can be seen except for the blinking of the light from the lighthouse in the distance.
During the day I can watch football matches from my window because my window overlooks the sports campus.

The pub is hardly a 5 minute walk from campus, and there's a club that's plays really loud American music with purple lights in the Student Union that is adjacent to our building.
We watched it for a bit from my friend Justin's window, but I was too exhausted to actually go check it out. Perhaps tonight?

But today we have breakfast at 9, and a meeting at 10, and our advisers have talked about taking all of us on some kind of exploration outing if the weather isn't too bad.
That I'm pretty excited about.

One thing that I'm pretty excited about too is that the majority of people here are in relationships. I was telling everyone how long distance totally blows but is doable...being as this is the second time I'm doing this, and my friend Ted asked me if he could knock on my door on days he got discouraged since I'm a "pro". ha

All in all, the people here seem to be really nice, and I'm already thinking about extending my plane ticket a little bit longer because I can tell that I might not want to leave as early as I had planned.

For the next three weeks, it's going to be lots of adventures because we're living on campus with absolutely no class or anything to do.
A group of us have talked about travel plans, and I've already recruited some people to go to Greece and Ireland with me, so I'm pretty pumped.

More posts to come as things start to get a little more exciting...

Miss you all!!

The view of the ocean from my window.


Anonymous said...

even though you're in wales, you're still gay.

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