Saturday, September 6, 2008

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

So yesterday we took our first field trip which was kind of put off by the weather.
On the bus they handed us a map that looked like they were directing us around the shire,
and we toured a place called the Mumbles which apparently is not too far down the road
from where Catherine Zeta Jones resides.
It was really beautiful with a pier on the ocean and that lighthouse that I can see from my window, and apparently there is a place there that has the most delicious ice cream you've ever tasted.
Unfortunately, we were not allowed off the bus for was for looking purposes only,
and then we ventured to some other place where we, in the process, clipped the side of a bus
on a too narrow road and took out our mirror. And then were rejected our destination after finding that the road was flooded. Bummer.
After that we drove through a very picturesque part of the country side which ended in Oxwhich with a coffee shop on the beach next to a castle that we did not explore. However, we walked out into the ocean and hung out until the tide started to come back in.

Later that night, it was Melissa's 21st birthday so a bunch of us went out to Pub in the Pond
which is a quaint little pub on the edge of campus, and we had a few drinks while everyone else around us was obnoxiously hammered.
Now, I only use 'obnoxiously' to mean that this kind of hammered made random boys walk into our rooms, scream, throw things, cry, and act like complete morons.
I guess that is what finishing an entire bottle of Grey Goose before 8pm does to guy...
Who knew?

Anyway, the obnoxiously hammered are not the ones I've been hanging out with, and I'm quite pleased to say that there is a group of us (the people on my floor and a few others) who have taken an affinity to each other.
It's worked out quite nicely because we all click in a way that makes it feel like I've known these people for years and can talk with them about anything.
One girl, Katie, and I seem to have a lot in common, and I knew after she said, "Wait until I go all Grandma on you guys and start going to bed at 9 o'clock," that we shared a special bond.
I get along really well with everyone else too, and we all are similar in the fact that we like to have fun, but we're all really spiritual, too, so we can connect on that deeper level, as well. The guys on my floor are so sexified it isn't even funny, they love to walk around in the buff with their dangles all hangin' out. (That last sentence was from Justin who just ambushed my computer.)

Anyway, last night Teddy knocked on my door with an, "I'm bored, what are you doing?" and we sat and had a nice little chat. It's nice to know that we can connect on the "I'm in a long distance relationship and it totally blows" level, but I think it will especially be nice because I think we'll do a lot of looking out for each other. It was really interesting talking to him, too, because it sounds like him and his girlfriend are in the exact same boat that Brett and I were in when he left to study abroad. It's the whole: they were kind of not exclusive but had feelings for each other but she's on the fence and he's far away and how does he convince her that he really cares for her kind of thing.
I think he really respects and looks up to my advice, and it's awesome to have that kind of respect from the people (or at least some of them) here.

On a different note, as I type this Justin is in my room trying to persuade me to introduce him to my sister...but I'm trying to convince him that she probably won't want to be his friend...

Changing subjects once again, I'm going to go start this book that we were apparently supposed to read for our politics class that starts on Monday.... Needless to say I was oblivious to this memo.

Then off to the Mumbles!

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