Friday, November 28, 2008

Elvis isn't dead cause I heard him on the radio.

I can't believe it is almost December.

I'm leaving for the weekend to go to Northern England with my flatmate,
and when I get back here I'll have to start packing my bags.
This is proof that life really isn't going to slow down...

I have done a terrible job with scribing an account of my time here,
but I feel like the things that I value the most from this experience
are the things that are hardest to write about.

I want to bring back the smell of the ocean
and the view of the raging waves around the pier from the window
of my favorite cafe during a storm.

I want to bring back the memories of my friends that no one will understand
unless they spent a semester abroad with them.
(Amy the tourist nazi, Melissa the quiet hippy, and Katie the clumsy ballerina...
all of us little kids)

But what I can take back with me is this new perspective I have.

Some days I used to look in the mirror and wonder where my life was going.
I still do that, but I don't have as heavy a heart about growing up.

There is absolutely nothing I regret about this experience,
and I am so thankful for the time to breath.
To read and learn.
To socialize and party.
To reflect and find myself
(as I was getting too overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of transitioning to an adult)

I'm so exited to feel humbly alive as I am.

I won't have very good stories to tell when I get home
because I don't know what I can say to do this semester justice.

Less than three weeks away from being home and back to the way everything was,

but everything has changed
and I look forward to what lies ahead.

For once,
I'm not afraid of the future.

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